Talking with Kubb players in Sweden

Wow. I have had the great privilege of interviewing a few guys from Sweden – today we interviewed Lode from Signalgaton. Read about their team in KubbNation magazine here. We talked about Kubb and that’s pretty much it. I’m going to jot down a few reflections on our interview today. These videos are livestreamed using UStream by the US National Kubb Championship and are broadcast and recorded on Championship Hill in Eau Claire. We are open to suggestions on how to make these videos more useful, higher quality or whatever – feedback welcome.

On pieces: He didn’t even know where the kubbs came from that they play on at VM. Couldn’t mention a brand, but said he liked them. He can tolerate a variance of weights in batons, but prefers kubbs to be more uniform. LIkes more of a rout on the edges of kubbs to make it harder to drill. Will play on anything around the island.

On culture: He lives kubb, talks kubb around the island all the time, and has many connections through kubb. He looks forward to the world championship as one of the best times of the year, one of the only times all of his friends and family are together at once enjoying company. Since he lives on an island of 65,000 people, 95% of which know of Kubb, it is part of the culture. And I can only assume that VM is the yearly culmination of this. In order for fun and competition to occur in an atmosphere that embraces hundreds of six person teams, a single geographical unit needs to provide the groundwork, provide the masses. Gotland does this for VM. If we want to grow kubb in the US, it will take place with tournaments and widespread community builders working hand in hand in a concentrated geographical area to create the base support.

On strategy: With six person teams there are a lot of things to learn, and a lot they have learned that we can gain from. Some tidbits – don’t throw kubbs long, it’s for losers – the ONLY way their team could beat the champs (Ekeby) was they had to knock down all five and the king right away – there is a half-blaster position that can work multiples from different angles than the main blaster (first baton thrower) – the future is back in the accuracy of baselines now that so many teams have mastered the drill to a competitive level – Kubb is a six player team SPORT, but can be played for FUN with any number of players.

My mind is still full of thoughts and reflections from talking with Johan, Eric and Scott today.

We had to get some sets dirty.

After the interview, we broke for lunch. Then Eric and Savage and some boys from Team Kubboom came over to the Oasis to take a sneak peek at a few different Kubb sets from manufacturers around the world. You’ll see a full set of pictures and data coming out of Wisconsin Kubb in the future. It was really fun seeing and touching the variety of sets out there, and being able to play some games and make dents in the new pieces.

Sneak peek: 


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