Madison Midsommar 2013

The windiest tournament in North America. That’s what I call the Madison Midsommar. In a beautiful park in our State Capital, this tourney is on my shortlist every year. Once again, the stars aligned and made it possible for me to perform in another tournament. This time with my good friend and mentor, Eric, playing as the Ringers. Dave played with Sy and Pat from Team Kubboom.

Top 3, photo thanks to Jaime Feathers

Top 3, photo thanks to Jaime Feathers

It was a beautiful day on the lake, and our game was on. We played well until I choked on my 8m game in the semi-finals against the Kubbsicles. Eric inkast and blasted perfectly, giving me plenty of chances to clear the line and finish the game. I threw at least 12 batons in a row at the backline and came up empty. Can’t do that against the Kubbsicles. We rallied to win the consolation match and came home with some hardware at third.


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