Greetings kubb world. That’s you, reading something here on Planet Kubb. I want to introduce you to a new challenge. The Kubbathon. You know how awesome kubb is, and you know that this game can help other people. And you know that the best way to get someone to love the game is to get a baton in their hands and let them knock something down. Friendlies are a great way to do that – an open and public game to be shared. Imagine an ongoing public kubb game that allows people to come and go, learn and play. For days on end!

I’m getting ready to go to Sweden this summer. To play kubb and to win the World Championship. A big part of that win will be endurance. Three full days of intense kubb sport, after three days of travel, requires preparation. So I can’t just throw batons and say I’m ready. I need to play well, and for a long time. With a family, and job, and the need for sleep – it’s impossible to practice kubb endurance. Enter the kubbathon.

Kubbathon is an open friendly kubb game.
Kubbathon is a personal and a public challenge.
Kubbathon is an experiment.
Kubbathon is a little weird, used for good.
Kubbathon unites people and creates peace.
Kubbathon can happen anywhere, anytime -how much kubb can you play?

I plan to play kubb in one spot, continuously, for at least 36 hours next week. Part promotion for a cause I’m supporting, part challenge to the kubb community, part preparing to represent Eau Claire at the World Championship, part April Fool’s.

It might fail miserably. It will be cold. I will be lonely, tired, and most certainly ridiculed and laughed at. I’m already nervous and thinking of bailing out on the idea, but then that makes me need it more. So here I go, setting pitch on a new kubb adventure.


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