Kubb Kids

I teach kubb to a lot of kids. My favorite way to introduce them to the game is this:

“OK Kids. Adults are constantly telling you not to knock stuff over. Don’t throw that! Be careful! You know the drill, always worried about you wrecking something. Well, today I’m here to tell you to forget all of that. We’re going to play kubb, and I’m telling you – begging you – to knock stuff over. That’s your job right now. Destroy these kubbs and slay that king! Let’s throw some wood and destroy this pitch!”

Here’s Sy Green, 8, master of destruction and crucial member of the Ringers 5th place team at the 2012 US National Kubb tournament. The youngest player to ever reach that position. He’s probably taught more kids to play than me, and he’s certainly an inspiration to many folks out there, young and old, who are observing the growth of kubb.



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